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Oral Interview with Tiffany Wright

Tiffany Wright shares the story of her puppy, Sierra.

Oral Interview with Suzanne Vinduska

Suzanne Vinduska tells a story of her uncle, her hero.

Oral Interview with Jolene Clark

Jolene Clark explains why she started doing the genealogy of her family.

Oral Interview with Janice Schultz

Midwest Genealogy Center branch manager Janice Schultz recounts her early experiences at the old Genealogy branch of Mid-Continent Public Library in…

Oral Interview with Gary Toms

Gary Toms tells the story of how his grandparents met.

Oral interview with Cheryl Lang

Cheryl Lang tells a childhood story of breaking her arm... twice.

Oral interview with Carol Snyder

Carol Snyder describes how she has been researching the family history of the father she never knew.