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Kim’s Fisher Price Collection


Oral Interview with Stan and Karen Woodward

Oral History with Mike Kellogg

Oral History with Carol Babcock

Traci's Handicrafts

Traci - Handicrafts.jpeg

Shari's Seed Packets

Shari - Seed Packets.jpeg

Shari's Pestle and Mortar

Shari - Pestle & Mortar.jpeg

Shari's Dutch Oven

Shari - Dutch Oven.jpg

Sarah's Piccolo and Sheet Music

Sarah - Piccolo & Sheet Music.jpeg

Mary's Dishes and Elephant Jar

Mary - Dishes, Elephant Jar.jpeg

Katie's Potica Recipe

Katie - Potica Recipe.jpeg

Katie's Family Photos

Katie - Family Photos.jpeg

Kat's Handmade Dolls

Kat - Handmade Dolls.jpg

Kat's Framed Quilt and Tablecloth

Kat - Framed Quilt & Tablecloth.jpeg

Kat's Crystal, Owl Bowl, and Recipe Card

Kat - Crystal, Owl Dish, Recipe Card.jpeg

Julia's Quilts

Julia - Quilts.jpeg

Jennifer's Sheet Music

Jennifer - Sheet Music, Bowl, China Set.jpeg

Jayme's Mixer and Cookie Cutters

Jayme - Mixer, Cookie Cutters, Plaque.jpeg

Emily's Snowflake Ornaments

Emily - Snowflake Ornaments.jpeg

Oral History with Matthew Lawson