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Kimberlin Family Collection

This collection pertains to the Kimberlin family of Cass County, Missouri. It inludes, deeds, land pattents, title abstracts, farm leases, and insurance policies. Some of the other items relate to their professional life as a judge, county clerk, and a farmer. 

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Woodlawn Cemetery Collection

This collection contains digital images of death registers, burial registers, and lot sales from the early cemetery sections of Woodlawn Cemetery known as City Cemetery and Saint Mary Cemetery in Independence, Jackson County, Missouri.

The register of deaths is a chronological list of deaths recorded by the city clerk from June 1897 to August 1911. The burial register is a chronological list of those buried in City Cemetery between June 1897 and May 1918. Records included with the lot sales include various types of documents showing sale and ownership of the plots from 1865 to 1951.

This collection is digital only. Originals are located at the Jackson County Historical Society


Bartlett Collection of Family Histories

This collection consists of genealogical information complied by Edward E. Bartlett. Included are family histories and genealogy charts. Some files are missing.

Use the numerical index and name index to find families.


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Gentry County, Missouri Collection

This collection contains three items from Gentry County, Missouri. The first is an index to court records. The index book to court records is titled Index to the Demand Records 3 Gentry County and is undated. The second item is a tax receipt book from October of 1888 that gives the name, lot, and block number as well as the value of the property and the amount of taxes paid. The third item is a store ledger from an unknown local business dated 1881 that records names, items purchased and the amount. 

This collection is digital only.

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Salem Cemetery Association

The Salem Cemetery Association was formed in 1917 to maintain the Salem Cemetery which is located at 24 Hwy and Blue Mills Road, just east of Independence, Missouri. 

Included in this collection are several journal style books. A blue journal, red journal, and another journal contain burials by lot number. A typed alphabetical index was created by the Association. Sales and deed books include a gray journal (1945-2004), and a red journal (1984-2017). The Association created a collection of obituaries from 1975 to 2017 clipped from the newspaper.

The original records are in possession of the Salem Cemetery Association. Items in this collection were digitized by the Midwest Genealogy Center.


DeKalb County Herald

The DeKalb County Herald was a newspaper published in Maysville, DeKalb County, Missouri. The first part of the newspaper is dated November 16, 1899. The second portion is undated but is a souvenir edition with information about the various communities, people, and businesses in the area. 

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Iowa Obituaries

This collection contains obituaries from the Des Moines Register from 1991-1993. Only those individuals who were born in Missouri and died in Iowa were included. The compiler arranged the obituaries by letter of the alphabet, and then chronologically by death date within the letter of the alphabet. Additionally, she created an index of maiden names and cross-referenced it to the married name.

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D. F. Bone

David Francis “Frank” Bone was a Methodist circuit preacher in Northwest Missouri in the late 1800s through the early 1900s. 

This collection is digital only. The originals are not in possession of the Midwest Genealogy Center.

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Herbert C Roy Photograph Collection

This collection mainly contains photographs of the Roy and Cook families. Other photographs include ones taken by Herbert C Roy, a professional photographer in the St. Louis area. One particular photograph of interest is one taken by Herbert C Roy of former President Harry S. Truman as he observed a photo of Winston Churchill in an exhibition case at Westminster College in Fulton, Missouri. Harry S. Truman signed the photo taken in 1954. 

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Raytown Historical Society Collection

The Raytown Historical Society was incorporated in 1966. Their museum is located at 9705 E. 63rd Street in Raytown, Missouri. The museum has displays and information on the Raytown community, its people, schools, government, and churches. Additionally the research center located inside the museum contains information relating to the history and families of Raytown. 

The Midwest Genealogy Center has created a digital collection of some of the items located at the Raytown Historical Society and Museum in Raytown, Missouri.