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Kimberlin Family Collection

This collection pertains to the Kimberlin family of Cass County, Missouri. It inludes, deeds, land pattents, title abstracts, farm leases, and insurance policies. Some of the other items relate to their professional life as a judge, county clerk, and a farmer. 

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Woodlawn Cemetery Collection

This collection contains digital images of death registers, burial registers, and lot sales from the early cemetery sections of Woodlawn Cemetery known as City Cemetery and Saint Mary Cemetery in Independence, Jackson County, Missouri.

The register of deaths is a chronological list of deaths recorded by the city clerk from June 1897 to August 1911. The burial register is a chronological list of those buried in City Cemetery between June 1897 and May 1918. Records included with the lot sales include various types of documents showing sale and ownership of the plots from 1865 to 1951.

This collection is digital only. Originals are located at the Jackson County Historical Society


Bartlett Collection of Family Histories

This collection consists of genealogical information complied by Edward E. Bartlett. Included are family histories and genealogy charts. Some files are missing.

Use the numerical index and name index to find families.