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4H Boys Flower Project - Between Buildings
Photo and slide of flowers. See also the accompanying photo guide. Written on original slide: Boys Flowers 4-H II-C-55

Prints from Color Slides May 10, 2002
Mrs. "B" Sewing
Bill R at Columbia MO after winning Public Speaking Contest
Ariel View of Flying ove Drumm 1951 TWA
1953 Reunion - out of focus
Drumm sweater insignia 1950's
4H-Boys Flower Project - Between…

1933 4-H Fair Attendees
Photo of 1933 4-H Fair attendees.
On July 29, 1933, the 4-H Fair was held at the Andrew Drumm Institute. The picture was taken on the east side of the East Building (later named Swinney Hall), which was the original residence built about 1881. The…

Jackson County 4-H Judging Team
Photo of Jackson County 4-H Judging Team.
Text attached to the image:
Jackson County 4-H Judging Team. First in State, First at the American Royal. left to right: Leon Crenshaw, George C. Berkemeir, coach, John Garrison, Foster Hockett and Leo…

4-H Demonstration
Photo of Joe Warrior and Ed Martin.
Handwritten note identifies Joe Warrior on the left and Ed Martin on the right.
Handwritten note on the back of the photo:
Joe and Ed 1939 4-H Demo went to Royal

Meal time in dining room of Beals Hall about 1944-45
Meal time in dining room of Beals Hall about 1944-45

George Berkemeier Photo Button
George Berkemeier Photo Button

Photo of George C. Berkemeier
Photo of George C. Berkemeier, believed to have been taken by Mrs. C. Loiselle.

Written notations on the back of the photo:
"Mr B"
"Mrs Loiselle"

Gift label from "Your first Drumm home"
A gift label with a Christmas tree, with the phrases "Merry Christmas" and "Happy New Year" printed on it.

Handwritten note under the "To": Mr Br & Frances

Handwritten note under the "From": your first Drumm Home

Letter to Bill (William) Richards, 17 May 2002
Letter to Bill (William) Richards from George Billuris, 17 May 2002

Note: Photo mentioned in the postscript is missing.

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